EOC Mission

Mission statement of the Estonian Olympic Committee (Estonian NOC)

Estonian NOC aims at:

• the promotion of Olympism as a state of mind;
• the creation of a material and social environment;
• seeking resources

enabling sport to fulfill its social function in the society:

– to unite people;
– to introduce one’s country and people to the world;
– to teach to play fair - to live and lose with dignity, to respect the competitor;
– to help enjoy exercising, keeping fit and overcoming oneself;
– to use the body, spirit and will for the creation of beauty;
– to strive for perfection and lift the boundaries of human body and spirit
– to celebrate people and improve the world we live in.

GOLD - 26 medals
SILVER - 26 medals
BRONZE - 32 medals

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In Estonia we have:

- Sport Clubs
- Athletes
- Certified Coaches