Olympic Champion Alfred Neuland

Alfred Neuland

NEULAND, Alfred Karl (10. October 1895 Valga – 16. November 1966 Tallinn), weightlifter and coach. Studied in Riga where he started doing sports at the sports club Marss, later continued in St Petersburg’s Kalev, Gerkules and Sanitas, in 1918 in Tallinn Valvaja, later in Kalev.

Set his first Russian records in 1911 in Riga. Won gold at the 1914 Russian Olympics, became Russian weightlifting champion in 1915 in lightweight (67.5 kg) and in 1916 in middleweight (75 kg) (in 1913 and 1914 won silver at the championships), and in 1916 Russian champion of tug–of–war with the Petrograd Kalev team. Belonged to the Estonian national team in 1920–24. Won gold at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics in lightweight with the result 257.5 (72.5 + 75 + 110) and silver at the 1924 Paris Olympics in middleweight with 455 (82.5 + 90 + 77.5 + 90 + 115). Won gold at the 1922 Wold Championship in lightweight, first place at the 1923 Göteborg games. In 1918 and 1919 leading weightlifter of Estonia, Estonian champion in 1921 and 1924 in lightweight and in 1923 in middleweight. Personal records: press 97.5, snatch 100, one hand snatch 82.5, clean and press 125, one hand clean and press 92.5, pentathlon 455 and triathlon 305. Has set 12 world–, 14 Olympic– and 45 Estonian records.

Innovator of weightlifting: wide grip and deep squat during snatching, hook grip (thumb under other fingers during lifting of the barbell). Participated in WWI and the Estonian War of Independence. Worked as weightlifting coach at Kalev and Kommunaar. Students: Daniel Ganjukov, Boriss Melikov, Mati Nuude. Was a referee (1955 Union category, 1961 honorary referee of the Soviet Union). Honorary member of Kalev (1963). Honorary sports figure of the Soviet Union (1964). Has written about weightlifting in Eesti Spordileht and Kehakultuur. There is a monument of him in Valga (erected in 1995, sculptor Mari Karmin) and since 2000 his memorial competitions have been held there.

GOLD - 26 medals
SILVER - 26 medals
BRONZE - 32 medals

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