Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018

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Team Estonia

The Estonian Olympic Committee is presenting the largest ever Estonian team of 23 athletes at the Youth Olympic Games.

Estonian athletes represent eight sports, which is also a record number for Estonia; moreover, in half of these the country is competing for the first time at Youth Olympics.

Hendrik Õun
Gedly Tugi
Eerik Haamer
Ken-Mark Minkovski
Marleen Mülla
Annika Kelly
Ann Marii Kivikas
Basketball 3x3
Kerr Kriisa
Aleksander Oliver Hint
Arthur Herman Entsik
Jaan Erik Lepp
Victoria-Ida Vähi
Johanna-Eliise Teder
Janne Pulk
Martha-Liisa Oinitš
Marta Ossipova
Rhythmic gymnastics
Adelina Beljajeva
Greta Jaanson
Aleksa Gold
Ivan Štšeglov
Alex Ahtiainen
Margaret Markvardt
Viktoria Vesso
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Preliminary schedule for Estonian athletes

datetime (argentinian time)
  SAT   06.10.   20:00OPENING CEREMONY     
  SUN 07.10.            09:00 - 14:00Men's teams  3x3 basketballPreliminary round poolEST - MGL 22:13
EST - ARG 19:22
  10:00 - 11:30    Ivan Štšeglov  swimmingMen's 100m backstroke, heats57.57
18th place
Margaret Markvardt  swimmingWomen's 200m Individual Medley heats2:22.89
27th place
  16:00 - 16:30Greta Jaanson  rowingJunior Women's Single Sculls Round 1 Time Trial4:02.60
11th place
 MON 08.10.            10:00 - 11:30  Aleksa Gold  swimmingWomen's 100m Freestyle heats
27th place
Alex Ahtiainen  swimmingMen's 100m butterfly heats55.05
23th place
  13:30 - 14:00Greta Jaanson  rowingJunior Women's Single Sculls Round 2 Time Trial1:56.88
  16:00 - 16:30Greta Jaanson  rowingJunior Women's Single Sculls Round 3 Time Trial1:53.34
proceed to QF
        TUE 09.10.           10:00 - 11:30Aleksa Gold  swimmingWomen's 200m backstroke heats2.17,14
14th place
  14:00 - 17:00Adelina Beljajeva  rhythmic gymnasticsTeam event / Hoop14.050
17th place
  15:25 - 15:45Greta Jaanson  rowingJunior Women's Single Sculls quarter-finals1:46.83
proceed to SF
  19:00 - 22:00Adelina Beljajeva  rhythmic gymnasticsTeam event / Ball14.250
16th place (overall after 2 events)
  WED 10.10.                            12:00 and 13:30Women's teams  3x3 basketballPreliminary round pool:
EST - NED 12:22
EST - ESP 11:21
  10:00 - 11:30    Margaret Markvardt swimmingWomen's 50m backstroke heats30.14
22nd place
Alex Ahtiainen  swimmingMen's 50m butterfly heats25.66
36th place
Aleksa Gold  swimmingWomen's 200m freestyle heats2:04.27
20th place
  11.00-12.00 Greta Jaanson   rowing   Junior Women's Single Sculls semi-finals1:46.13,
proceed to A final
 12.00Greta Jaanson  rowing  Junior Women's Single Sculls finals
bronze medal
  14:00 - 17:00Adelina Beljajeva  rhythmic gymnasticsTeam event / Clubs 13.975
  19:00 - 22:00Adelina Beljajeva  rhythmic gymnasticsTeam event / Ribbon12.000
Total: 54.275
18th place, silver medal in international team event
   THU 11.10.    09:00 - 15:00Men's teams  3x3 basketballPreliminary round poolEST - USA 21-14
EST - RUS 21:22
  14:40 - 17:20Marleen Mülla   athleticsWomen's Pole Vault 3.85
   FRI 12.10.            10:00 - 11:30  Ivan Štšeglov swimmingMen's 200m backstroke heats2.01,69 - NR, NJR;
proceed to finals
  10:00 - 13:00Hendrik Õun  archeryMen's Recurve Individual Rating Round671p - national cadet record
  14:40 - 15:50Annika Kelly  athleticsWomen's Hammer Throw qualification 63.41 - national U18 record
  18:00 - 19:30 Ivan Štšeglov  swimmingMen's 200m backstroke final2.02,63
8th place
  SAT 13.10.              09:00 - 13:30Hendrik Õun  archeryMixed International TeamPHI / EST vs CHI / SRI 5-4
  10:00 - 19:00Victoria Vesso  wrestlingWomen's Freestyle 65 kg 5th place
  14:35 - 15:45Gedly Tugi  athleticsWomen's Javelin Throw qualification52.65
  14:40 - 17:20Eerik Haamer  athleticsMen's Pole Vault qualification5.15 - national U18 record
15:40 - 15:55
Ken-Mark Minkovski  athleticsMen's 200m heats21.69
proceed to A-final
  16:10 - 16:30Ann Marii Kivikas athleticsWomen's 200m heats25.43  
 SUN 14.10.      09:00 - 15:00Women's teams  3x3 basketballPreliminary round poolCZE-EST 15-17
AUS-EST 19-15
  09:00 - 16:30Hendrik Õun  archeryMixed International Team1/8: PHI/EST - GBR/IRI 5-3
1/4: NZL/TPE - PHI/EST 5-1
Total: 6th place
  14:00 - 16:40Marleen Mülla  athleticsWomen's Pole Vault finals3.82
Total: 4th place
  MON 15.10.        09:00 - 17:00Hendrik Õun  archeryMen's Recurve Individual 1/16 elimination round:
Reza Shabani (IRI) vs Hendrik Õun (EST)
6-2 (110:104)
Total: 17th place
  13:30 - 14:30Women's Team: Johanna-Eliise Teder, Janne Pulk  3x3 basketballShoot-out ContestPulk 13th place
Teder 31st place
  14:00 - 15:40Annika Kelly  athleticsWomen's Hammer Throw finals 60.07
7th place
  TUE 16.10.            14:00 - 15:40Eerik Haamer  athleticsMen's Pole Vault5.12
4th place
  14:10 - 15:20Gedly Tugi  athleticsWomen's Javelin Throw 52.60
6th place
  16:00 - 16:30Ken-Mark Minkovski  athleticsMen's 200m21.70
14th place
  16:50 - 17:00Ann Marii Kivikas  athleticsWomen's 200m24.53
15th place
  WED 17.10  12:00 - 16:00Marta Ossipova  karateWomen's Kumite -59 kg 0-3
7th place
  THU 18.10.    

About Team Estonia

All the 23 athletes in Team Estonia have qualified due to their performance - for the first time, none of our athletes are going to the Youth Olympic Games by invitation. It should be noted that the qualification was tough, and winning a spot to compete in the Youth Olympic Games is an achievement on its own. Top performers in respective age categories will be meeting in Buenos Aires, and it is an opportunity for our young athletes to compare themselves with the best among their peers from all over the world. 

Estonians will be competing in eight sports in Buenos Aires, in half of which the Estonian team had never qualified for at earlier Youth Olympic Games: rhythmic gymnastics, karate, wrestling and archery; and boys’ 3x3 basketball team will also be making their debut.

About Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games, held every four years, will be hosted in Buenos Aires between 6 and 18 October, welcoming nearly 4000 athletes aged 15-18.

The events of the Summer Youth Olympics cover 32 sports, including several sports making their Olympic events debut: for example, karate, sport climbing, breaking, roller speed skating, futsal, kiteboarding, beach handball and BMX freestyle.

This year’s Youth Olympic Games are the first to feature equal numbers of male and female athletes.

Estonia at previous YOG's

In the first Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore, 2010, there were eight Estonian competitors representing five sports.

Seventeen Estonian athletes competing in 7 sports went to the last Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China in 2014.

Exactly the same number of young athletes - 17 - was on the Estonian team with the same number of sports - 7 - in the previous Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, in 2016 and Innsbruck, Austria, in 2016.

Platform for future top athletes

Today’s Estonian Olympic athletes who earlier performed in Youth Olympic Games are Nordic combined skier Kristjan Ilves and biathlete Rene Zahkna, who brought two silver medals from Innsbruck in 2012.

Other examples are judoka Mattias Kuusik and badminton player Kristin Kuuba, who have by now entered the NOC's Olympics preparation program.