A record 25-member team to represent Estonia at Youth Olympic Games


The Estonian Olympic Committee is sending a 25-member team to compete in nine sports in the Winter Youth Olympic Games, which will be held in the capital of the Olympic movement – Lausanne, Switzerland. Never before has the Estonian team to take part in Youth Olympic Games been so large or represented so many sports.


Urmas Sõõrumaa, President of the Estonian Olympic Committee, gave a heartfelt message of encouragement to the young athletes at the team’s information event. “It is with hope that we look to you. You would not have been selected for the Youth Olympics had you not sacrificed a lot: school holidays, spending time with friends and much more. This is the athlete’s fate. At the same time, you are making Estonia proud and inspire your classmates as well as families to do sports. I hope you succeed in achieving your goals and come back with a medal or two. Good luck and stay strong!” Sõõrumaa said.


Merle Kaljurand, the project manager for youth sports in the Estonian Olympic Committee, noted that this is the largest Estonian team to have ever been going to Youth Olympic Games in the context of the number of athletes and sports alike. “We are also very glad to be represented in hockey and freestyle skiing for the first time; Estonia has never competed in these sports before. Youth Olympic Games provide the participants with valuable experience because a multi-sport event differs from regular competitions and requires better focus,” Kaljurand added.


The team to compete in the Olympic arena:


Figure skating

  • Eva-Lotta Kiibus
  • Arlet Levandi

 Ice hockey, 3x3

  • Erik Potšinok      
  • Marek Potšinok
  • Konrad Kudeviita            

 Curling, mixed team

  • Katariina Klammer          
  • Natali Vedro      
  • Henry Grünberg
  • Romet Mäesalu


  • Lisbeth Liiv        
  • Demi Heinsoo    
  • Miia Heleene Utsal          
  • Tuudor Palm      
  • Markus Rene Epner        
  • Andreas Koppa  

Freestyle skiing

  • Kelly Sildaru      

 Cross-country skiing

  • Johanna Udras  
  • Eliisabet Kool    
  • Kaspar Päärson
  • Anders Veerpalu              

Alpine skiing

  • Hans Markus Danilas

 Nordic combined and ski jumping

  • Triinu Hausenberg          

 Nordic combined

  • Markkus Alter    
  • Markus Kägu      

 Ski jumping

  • Karel Rammo    

Freestyle skier Kelly Sildaru will be competing in slopestyle in the Youth Olympic Games. “Competing in the Youth Olympic Games is very important for me because I have no Olympic experience yet, and this will give me an idea what Olympic Games look like. This is a major competition, and I believe it will be an exciting experience,” Sildaru said.


It is also for the first time that Estonia is represented in ice hockey at Youth Olympic Games, bringing three players who will be chosen by draw to form teams with athletes from other countries. Erik Potšinok, Marek Potšinok and Konrad Kudeviita stated that the Youth Olympics was of major importance for them. “This is a great opportunity to get noticed, and we would also like to learn what Olympic Games look like,” the ambitious young athletes stated.


The Potšinok twin brothers, who will be playing as forwards, started skating at the age of four and later opted for hockey, following in the steps of their father, Roman Potšinok, who had taken part in 109 matches for the Estonian national team. “Our dad’s example did play a part, but we also liked the atmosphere and the smell of ice in the hockey rink,” Erik said. Defenceman Kudeviita had always known he wanted to be an athlete but chose hockey when he was in the 2nd grade because it was interesting. “No two games are ever the same, and it is never boring,” Konrad said.


The Estonian team will be wearing Salomon sportswear and casual clothes by Monton at the Youth Olympics.


Estonia has two medals from previous Winter Youth Olympics, dating back to 2012, when biathlete Rene Zahkna won two silver medals in sprint and pursuit. As far as Summer Youth Olympic Games are concerned, Estonia has one bronze medal won by Greta Jaanson in rowing in 2018.


The Winter Youth Olympics will be held in Lausanne on 9-22 January. Athletes aged 15-18 take part in multi-sport competitions held every four years. The event will feature 1880 participants, 940 male and 940 female athletes, from all over the world. Broadcasts can be viewed on the NOC’s website www.eok.ee, and fans are welcomed to follow the events on social media: “Olen Olümpiafänn” on Facebook and “Olympiafann” on Instagram.