Related organizations

Foundation of Sports Education and Information
(Spordikoolituse ja -Teabe Sihtasutus)

Estonian Olympic Committee and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research co-founded the Foundation in order to provide support services  to sports organizations and develop new functions to support sports.

The foundation is responsible for:
  • developing and applying sports related qualification systems, training programmes and training materials,  specifically for coaches;
  • organizing trainings for coaches, sports officials, sports managers and other sports specialists;
  • acting as centre for coach qualifications, conducting qualification examinations and tests;
  • collecting, processing, administering and distributing sports-related information, and is the authorized processor of Estonian Sports Registry;
  • conducting research in the field of sport and sport for all, providing consultations;
  • participating in developing proposals for sports policy and advising;
  • and other relevant activities.

 The Foundation's online portal provides extensive materials regarding Estonian sports. The materials are provided in the Estonian language, for English please contact the Foundation directly with your request.

Sports Medicine Foundation
(Spordimeditsiini Sihtasutus)

Estonian Olympic Committee founded the Foundation in 1998 in order to provide high-quality sports medicine services to elite athletes.

This is where the majority of Estonian elite and young athletes attend regular health examination tests, sport and exercise medicine doctors' and physiotherapists' appointments for prevention and monitoring, treatment and recovery.

The Foundation also provides sport and exercise medicine tests, treatment and consultations to amateur and recreational athletes.

Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum
(Eesti Spordi- ja Olümpiamuuseum)

Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum, located in Tartu, is the largest sports museum in the Baltic states and a founding member of the Olympic Museums Network.

It was established in 1963 as a state museum under the name Estonian Sports Museum. In 2016, the museum was transformed into a foundation, with Estonian Olympic Committee and Estonian Ministry of Culture as founders. Since the museum has always prioritized Olympic themes, the name of the institution was respectively updated.

Estonian Anti-Doping Agency
(Sihtasutus Eesti Antidoping)

Estonian Olympic Committee founded Estonian Anti-Doping Agency in 2007 with the aim to stand for clean sport and fair play. Estonian Anti-Doping Agency operates independently, carrying out doping testing and anti-doping education and developing international anti-doping cooperation.

Estonian Olympic Academy
(Eesti Olümpiaakadeemia)

Estonian Olympic Academy was launched in 1989 and since 2009 operates as an independent member of Estonian Olympic Committee.

The aim of the Academy is to promote the Olympic movement through Olympic ideas and develop Olympic education mainly to children and youth but also to all generations.