According to Estonian Sports Act, a coach has to have officially certified qualification. The sole right to award qualifications is held by Estonian Olympic Committee, and on a daily basis, the certifications are awarded by NOC's Foundation of Sports Education and Information.

A coach is a specialist in sports and exercise who aims to holistically and safely develop athletic abilities. But not only - a coach also plays an important role in the overall education of the athlete, including promotion of values and being a positive role model in the society. 

There are six qualification levels for coaches in Estonia (since 2013): starting from level 3 (assistant coach) and reaching level 8 (elite coach). Currently, there are around 3400 coaches in Estonia, including two elite coaches - rowing coach Mati Killing and sailing coach Rein Ottoson, both of whose athletes have won Olympic medals.

For more information, please contact Foundation of Sports Education and Information.