Founding Members

Estonian Olympic Committee was established on December 8, 1923.

During the Soviet occupation, Estonia could partake in the international Olympic movement only as part of the Soviet Union team. In 1988 when the process of striving for the restoration of independence had already started, Estonian athletes won four medals from Summer Olympic Games in Soul, including two gold medals by track bicycle racer Erika Salumäe and basketball player Tiit Sokk. This initiated a public outcry for Estonian athletes to be able to compete under the Estonian flag. 

On January 14, 1989 a large sports conference was organized in Tallinn where the decision to restore Estonian Olympic Committee was taken. This meant that the national organization which had initially been established in 1923, was legally restored, not simply established again.

The sports conference had hundreds of participants. As Founding Members, we refer to those who became the first members of the restored Estonian Olympic Committee: Arnold Green, Rein Haljand, Bruno Junk, Eri Klas, Tõnu Laak, Ants Laos, Mikk Mikiver, Peedu Ojamaa, Gunnar Paal, Toomas Savi, Aado Slutsk, Jaan Talts, Mart Tarmak, Jaak Uudmäe, Atko-Meeme Viru.