Sport for All

Estonian Olympic Committee is in charge of promoting Sport for All in Estonia.

Our main partner in Sport for All programmes is Estonian Sport for All Association. Together we aim to contribute to Estonian policy regarding sport for all, improving exercising conditions and increasing awareness through various programmes, events and campaigns.

We participated in the development of Estonian strategy "Sport 2030",  coordinated the section on sport for all and provided input on tax policy proposals. Since 2013 we conduct annual research on physical activity in Estonia.

We organize various competitions and programmes, publish the bi-annual magazine "Liikumine ja Sport" (Movement and Sport), which is the only peer-review sport science magazine in Estonian, and we organize annual Sport for All trainings for teachers. We launched and edit Sport for All website, which also includes the most comprehensive calendar of Sport for All events in Estonia.

In 2014, we were in charge of coordinating the national Year of Sports in Estonia, and since 2015, we are the national coordinator of the European Week of Sports. Since 2017, we organize sport and fitness theme months in Estonia, during which we introduce one widely available way to exercise and encourage people to get moving. Such theme months have included Month of Health Trails, Month of Fitness, and Month of Sport at Work.

Since 2014, we have been organizing the project "Estonian Olympic Committee comes to school", in which we plan to provide all counties in Estonia with children's cross-country ski equipment.

We have also engaged various other partners in Sport for All promotion: sport organizations and other NGO-s, event organizers, sport facilities, local governments, schools, government authorities and many others.