Athletes' Commission

The Athletes’ Commission is organized within the Estonian Olympic Committee as per the IOC guidelines for the NOCs’ athletes’ commissions. Its role is the representation of the Athletes’ interests and the presentation of their suggestions and recommendations into the Estonian Olympic Committee including the appointment of arbitrators to the International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS).

The Athletes’ Commission engages actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play. They also link the Estonian Olympic Committee into the European Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission and the IOC Athletes’ Commission.

The Commission consists of a minimum of 5 members and maximum of 9 members, all at least 16-year-old citizens of the Estonian Republic. They must have never received any sanction in relation to the World Anti-Doping Code.

The commission is elected once every four years in a meeting, where every member federation of the Estonian Olympic Committee is represented by one athlete. Each athlete has 1 vote. The current Athletes' Commission was elected in June 2024.

The athletes representing their sport must be active athletes who have been in their national team during the last 4 years. IOC and EOC Athletes’ Commission members are members of the Estonian Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission ex-officio.

More then half of the elected members of the Commission must represent Olympic Sport, both winter and summer sports must be included, also 1 representative of team sport must be included. Both genders must be represented in the Commission.

The elected commission members will choose the Commission President who shall be a voting member of the Estonian Olympic Committee’s Executive Committee ex-officio, subject to ratification by the General Assembly of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

In addition, the Athletes’ Commission shall be represented at the General Assembly of the Estonian Olympic Committee by two of its members, elected by the Commission, who will have the right to vote within the General Assembly.
Allar Raja
Commission chair, Rowing
Johanna Talihärm
Liis Kiviloo
Mattias Kuusik
Epp Mäe
Rasmus Mägi
Kätlin Riidebach
Liis Rosenthal
Kulturism ja fitness
Tanel Kangert