An impressive start for the big Week of Sport


Monday saw a great start of a massive European Week of Sport, within the framework of which this week 1149 different sport events will be organised in Estonia. The goal of the event is to offer positive experience related to movement to as many Estonian residents as possible.

At the opening of the Week of Sport the President of Estonian Olympic Committee Urmas Sõõrumaa noted that unfortunately, there are still many people among us who have not yet made the first step towards movement. “The goal of the Week of Sport is to remind everybody through our motto ‘Time to move’ that movement is important. We want the Estonian people to have better health through sports and movement. Today we can proudly say that as a result of active work over the previous years, movement activity of people has increased. And of course, personal example is always a great way to stimulate friends and close ones. I wish everybody a great Week of Sport – for better health and healthier Estonia!”


At the opening ceremony Minister of Culture Tõnis Lukas noted that moderate physical activity is a great source for accumulation of energy. “The more we move consciously, the better it influences our body and spirit. The mood remains good all the time!”


At present 1149 events are planned for the Week of Sport in Estonia, including competitions, open and special trainings, movement days, hiking days, sport days, health days and many other activities. While last year the main load of organisation of the week of sport was carried by schools and sport clubs, this time kindergartens and employers will also greatly contribute to success of the event, by organising sport activities for children and employees respectively. The Week of Sport will involve 379 participating schools that will organise 546 events, 232 kindergartens with 345 events, 65 companies as employers with 83 events and 125 sport organisations with 175 events. It is still possible to register new events – it can be done on the website


One of the highlights of the week will be the #BeActive Night. During the event everybody is invited together with the family to try different training styles and participate in a crazy Madness Race in Rocca al Mare MyFitness. More information regarding the schedule and registration can be found on the website


What did patrons of the Week of Sport say at the opening ceremony?


Entrepreneur and Olympic bronze medal winner Allar Levandi: “Our health directly depends on whether we are physically active or not, and whether our body weight is normal or not. Move yourself, and your children will find their way towards movement and sports!”


Footballer Konstantin Vassiljev: “Movement should be enjoyed in any weather.”


Top manager Kai Realo: “Any physical activity is great – however, it is important to practice it regularly and consistently, so that it can become a habit. It is important to take care of yourself, as otherwise you have nothing to give to your team and company. In the end, spiritual power still comes as a result of a physical training.”


Entrepreneur and bodybuilder Ott Kiivikas: “It’s no secret that every day we make our society more comfortable, and work in order for our living conditions to involve less movement. However, it also makes us forget one integral part of what it feels like to be human – movement. The human being was born to this world in order to move. Today we are able to exist in a single room without making any big moves. Now is the time to start moving!”


Trainer Sandra Raju: “It is very easy to say that there’s no time for movement. How can one overcome that? Find the time! And if you don’t know what, when, how, where, and so on, to do it, then don’t be afraid to ask for advice.”


Actor Tõnis Niinemets: “If there is any problem in your life or something needs to be done, go for a half-an-hour run. During this time forget everything about your duties, and when you come back, just do all the things that you need. The feeling of pleasure and well-being will compensate for any tiredness.”


Singer Tanja Mihhailova-Saar: “Physical activity is exactly the thing that helps relieve stress in the fresh air. Now is the time to find motivation to make yourself move – it will only make you and your close ones happier.”


In Estonia the Week of Sport is organised by the Estonian Olympic Committee together with NGO Sport Kõigile (Sport for Everyone). Organisation of the Week of Sport is also supported by the Erasmus+ programme, the Ministry of Culture and Coop Eesti. The Week of Sport is celebrated in Estonia for the fifth year already.