NOC Estonia established the Sport Arbitral Tribunal


The Estonian Olympic Committee established the national Sport Arbitral Tribunal that will resolve more complex disputes between organizations and individuals active in the field of sports.

The NOC president, Urmas Sõõrumaa, says that national federations remain the first step in resolving problems. “Sometimes, however, it may happen that a dispute or a conflict cannot be resolved by the parties themselves, that the national federation involved is not able to reconcile the parties, or that the national federation itself is one of the parties to the conflict. In such cases, it is possible to contact the Sport Arbitral Tribunal of the NOC, which will help to find a solution. Everything should be based on cooperation and mutual will,” noted Sõõrumaa. 

The jurisdiction of the Sport Arbitral Tribunal includes consideration of complaints submitted by members of the Estonian Olympic Committee or complaints against members of the NOC. Where a respective agreement exists between the parties involved in the field of sports, they may also apply to the Sport Arbitral Tribunal for an independent decision. The decision of the Sport Arbitral Tribunal is final for the parties: having decided to appeal to the Arbitral Tribunal, the parties recognize the decision of the arbitration, and after its adoption they shall no longer apply to the court of law.  

The work of the Sport Arbitral Tribunal is ensured and organized by the Estonian Olympic Committee. The Sport Arbitral Tribunal is independent and impartial in its decisions.  

By a decision of the Executive Board of the NOC the following members of the Sport Arbitral Tribunal are appointed for a three-year period:

  • Jaak Uudmäe – Olympic champion (chairman of the Sport Arbitral Tribunal)
  • Katrina Juhkami – Attorney at law
  • Kaspar Lind – Attorney at law
  • Kairis Ulp – sports administrator
  • Erki Vabamets – Attorney at law

The procedure of the Sport Arbitral Tribunal is available in Estonian on the NOC website at