Estonia wins 3 silver medals at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Banska Bystrica

Estonia won three silver medals at the Youth Olympic Festival in Banska Bystrica when Heti Väät was successful in the javelin, Viola Hambidge in the heptathlon and Karl Kristjan Pohlak in the pole vault. Estonian young athletes have now won a total of 13 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 11 bronze medals from sixteen summer Olympic festivals.
Estonia took 27th place in the medal table. Among our neighbors, Lithuania won 9 medals, 3 of them gold, and Latvia 3 medals - silver and two bronze.

In addition to the medals, the Estonian team also earned a place in the top ten at this year's Olympic festival:

Athletics: Andreas Kase 4th place in the 100 m run, Steven Leppoja 4th place in the 110 m hurdles, Ron Sebastian Puiestee 6th place in the long jump, Miia Ott 7th place in the 100 m run, Benjamin Rannik 8th place in the discus throw, Maia Toomsalu, Miia Ott, Livia Filipozzi, Hedi Andre in the relay

Judo: Anna Liisa Nurm (-57 kg) 7th place, Karl-Johannes Pilt (-81 kg) 7th place, Jakob Vares (-90 kg) 9th place
Tennis: Samuel Mandelkorn in men's singles 9.-16. place

Badminton: Emilia Šapovalova in women's singles 9.-16. place

Swimming: Egle Salu 4th place in 100 m breaststroke, Kirke Madar 7th place in 50 m freestyle, Artjom Alteberg 10th place in 100 m breaststroke, Mirtel Merimaa, Egle Salu, Miriam Jürisoo and Kirke Madar in 4x100 m combined relay