Estonian Olympic Committee launched the Month of Health Trails to promote sport for all


On the initiative of Estonian Olympic Committee and Estonian Health Trails Foundation, February is being celebrated in Estonia as Month of Health Trails, aiming to motivate everyone to go out to health trails and start moving.

The high point of the month is February 24, which will officially mark 100 years of the Republic of Estonia. On that day, people all over Estonia are invited to go out to health trails so that the combined distance would make up the length of several laps around the world. Hence, the slogan of the Month: “To the Republic’s health!”

According to Peeter Lusmägi, the head of the Sport for All division within the Estonian Olympic Committee, sport and fitness theme months increase awareness about the benefits of physical activity and the many various options there are to be active.

“One of the purposes of the Month of Health Trails is to point out that many people in Estonia have all-season access to places where one can get moving. Our surveys reveal that adults in Estonia prefer outdoor fitness activities. The most popular sports are cycling, walking and jogging, and health trails offer great conditions to practice those sports, no matter your age, pace, fitness level or time of day. This is the perfect chance to be physically active for at least a hundred days in 2018 as a gift to yourself and Estonia for its jubilee Independence Day,” Lusmägi noted.

Various trekking and skiing events as well as competitions will be organized during the Month of Health Trails. Professional athletes and coaches will be giving free public training sessions. February will also feature a series of interviews with people doing sports on health trails as well as health trail supervisors. Participants of the health trails month are invited to use hashtags #terviserajad and #terveeestieest in their social media posts.

On 12-18 February, the “Week of Stand-Up Meetings” will take place in office buildings and on indoor health trails to promote less sitting and more physical activity in the workplace.

The Month of Health Trails “To the Republic’s health!” is jointly organized by Estonian Health Trails foundation, Estonian Olympic Committee and Estonian Sport for All Association.