General assembly of the Estonian Olympic Committee changes the articles of associations: there will be four vice-presidents in office as of today


The 45th general assembly of the Estonian Olympic Committee, which held a video-conference meeting on Tuesday, 4 May, changed the NOC’s Articles of Association to allow the NOC to have up to four vice-presidents in office. In addition, the NOC approved its new members today: the Estonian Cheerleading Union, the Estonian Cricket Association, and the Estonian MMA Association.

Following the amendment to the articles of association, Lauri Luik and Hanno Pevkur are the NOC vice-presidents as of today in addition to Erich Teigamägi and Toomas Tõnise, who got the mandate last year. The area of responsibility of Mr. Luik is fitness for health and sport in schools while Mr. Pevkur will be supervising team sports.

Urmas Sõõrumaa, the President of the NOC, said he was glad the NOC would have four vice-presidents from now on so that all the aspects of sport could be promoted. “As the umbrella organization of Estonian sport, it is our responsibility to ensure that our members represent sport in the most comprehensive and dignified manner. We have long been handling elite sports, but fitness for health, especially sport in schools, is also important for us. The major challenge of the NOC’s programme ‘Sport in Schools’ is to tempt children in schools of every county in Estonia to do sports. by creating the vice-president office, we are pointing out how important this issue is,” Sõõrumaa said.

The sport federations to have been accepted to the NOC were the Estonian Cheerleading Union and the Estonian Cricket Association, and the Estonian MMA Association became the new member among sport associations. In addition, the 2020 annual report was approved.

The general assembly, i.e., the general assembly of the members, is the highest governing body of the NOC. The assembly takes place at least once a year. All the NOC members may take part and vote in the general assembly, with each member having one vote.