Monton and Estonian Olympic Committee presented the new Olympic collection entitled 1918

Monton and the Estonian Olympic Committee revealed the new Olympic collection dedicated to the centenary of the Republic of Estonia on board the Tallink cruise ship Victoria. Monton’s collection for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is called 1918 and will be available in stores in limited amounts from today.

Monton has been an official sponsor of Olympic athletes for the past 13 years, and Estonian athletes have worn specially designed outfits at the Olympic Games in Athens, Turin, Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi and Rio de Janeiro.

“The forthcoming Winter Olympics are special, because they coincide with the centenary year of the Estonian Republic. Therefore, we decided to take Estonian design to one of the world’s greatest fashion arenas – the Olympic Games – where the collection can also convey the story of our people”, commented Pille Lauring, Head of Monton Collection.

Martti Raju, Sports Director of the Estonian Olympic Committee and Head of the Olympic Delegation, believes that a striking and distinctive appearance is the key to successful parade and leisure uniforms. “At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the appearance of the parade uniforms often determines how long the cameras will linger on the athletes. Hence, the parade uniform has to be dazzling, eye-catching and unique. Monton’s parade uniforms have always succeeded in this and in PyeongChang, the Estonian Olympic team will also wear the new history-inspired uniform with pride”, concluded Raju.

Monton’s 1918 Olympic collection was showcased this afternoon on the northern shores of Estonia, on board the Tallink cruise ship Victoria. “The presentation of the new Olympic collection on a Tallink ship is not coincidental. During the years of occupation, the sea was our link to the free world, and even today the sea and Tallink are the most important channels for introducing Estonia and our achievements to different nations”, said Margus Hunt, Sales and Marketing Director of Tallink Group.

The special collection dedicated to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games is named 1918 after the birth year of the Republic of Estonia. “We wanted to create something that would please the athletes and also tell Estonia’s story”, Head of Monton Collection Pille Lauring explained. Monton’s 1918 Olympic collection boasts exciting designs that combine athletic, fashionable and comfortable. For ideas, Monton’s designers drew inspiration from the fashion of the first Republic of Estonia – a period when, for the first time in the history of the world, designers started developing clothes specifically intended as sportswear. This era is characterised by comfortable roll-neck knitwear and extended waists in women’s fashion. “We promise that every Estonian will find something from this collection to celebrate Estonia’s birthday together and cheer for our wonderful athletes at the Winter Olympics”, Pille Lauring added.

Monton’s PyeongChang collection is limited edition and is available in Monton stores across Estonia, in the e-shop, on the Megastar and Victoria Tallink cruise ships, and in Sportland stores.

Monton, Estonia’s most successful fashion brand, belongs to Baltika Group. Baltika is the largest brand house in the Baltic States, uniting five internationally successful fashion brands – Monton, Mosaic, Ivo Nikkolo, Baltman and Bastion. The retail network of Baltika includes 130 shops in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and the collections of all brands are also available in the e-shop, which has loyal customers in 44 countries all over the world. Our franchise and wholesale partners make the collections of Baltika created by Estonian designers available in many European countries, including one of the oldest and most prestigious chains of shopping centres, Peek & Cloppenburg. Additional information is available here:

The 1918 collection is Monton’s gift for the centenary of the Republic of Estonia. In 2018, 100 years will have passed since the establishment of the Republic of Estonia. For more information about related preparations and events, see

You can view the campaign photos of Monton’s Olympic collection here