NOC establishes Sport Arbitration


By the resolution of the General Assembly of the Estonian Olympic Committee, the NOC establishes national Sport Arbitration Court which will be handling disputes involving NOC members.

Pictured: voting at the NOC General Assembly. Photo by Raul Mee / NOC

The NOC president, Urmas Sõõrumaa, says that the Sport Arbitration  will be able to faster and more efficiently resolve any disputes that might occur. “A decision of the Sport Arbitration Court will be final and binding for the parties, and there will be no further court proceedings. If the parties decide to turn to arbitration, they are to accept its decision as final.”

The members of the national  Sport Arbitration Court will be appointed by the NOC Executive Board for a period of three to four years. The Arbitration will be handling each case with at least three of its members present.