Statement from the Baltic sports organisations: Russia and Belarus have no place in the sports family

Baltic Olympic Commitees, Paralympic Commitees and Sports Confederations made a joint statement, saying that Russia and Belarus have no place in the sports family as long as the war against Ukraine continues.

We hereby totally support the position of our Nordic colleagues of not accepting Russian and Belarussian athletes and officials to participate in international sports.

Ukranian athletes are standing against the Russian invasion sometimes with the price of their life. They can not train and compete normally due to this fight.

We find it unacceptable to allow athletes and officials of the aggressor states back into international sports as at the same time the Ukranians are not having this possibility. With this we would ignore the fundamental principle of Fair Play.

This statement has been approved by the Presidents of following organisations:



Estonian Olympic Committee, Urmas Sõõrumaa

Estonian Paralympic Committee, Monika Haukanõmm



Latvian Olympic Committee, Zorzs Tikmers

Latvian Paralympic Committee, Daiga Dadzite

Latvian Sports Federations Council, Einars Fogelis



Lithuanian Olympic Committee, Daina Gudzineviciute

Lithuanian Paralympic Committee. Mindaugas Bilius

Union of Lithuanian Sports federations, Darius Saluga