Statement from the Estonian Athletes’ Commission on the Russian aggression in Ukraine


We, Estonian Athletes’ Commission, still condemn the Russian Federation's military aggression, terror and brutal violence on the territory of Ukraine. The situation with the war in Ukraine has not changed since 24th of February 2022.

Statement from the Estonian Athletes’ Commission on the Russian aggression in Ukraine:

1.     Olympic Charter, which promotes peace, respect, and fair play is not valid today while the Ukrainian athletes are standing against the Russian invasion sometimes with the price of their life. They cannot train as the sports infrastructure has been destroyed with over 340 sports facilities damaged and ruined, furthermore they cannot compete normally due to the war. More than 200 top athletes have been killed.

2.     The majority of Russian athletes who will make it to the podium are military athletes and get a [military] medal when they win. Their brothers-in-arms kill and rape innocent people and destroy Ukraine's infrastructure, so they are sharing the responsibility for what is happening on Ukrainian territory.

3.     Over the past year, Russian athletes have violated the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency and the principles of clean sport hundreds of times, which is why there is no trust in these athletes.

Based on the above Estonian Athletes’ Commission finds that the athletes and officials of the Russian Federation and Belarus have no place in the Olympic movement before the peace agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation has been signed.

Gerd Kanter, head of Estonian Athletes’ Commission, Olympic Champion 2008

Members of Estonian Athletes’ Commission: Allar Raja (Olympic bronze medallist 2016), Saskia Alusalu (Olympian), Johanna Talihärm (Olympian), Matz Topkin (Paralympian), Kert Toobal (Estonian national volleyball team captain 2009-2021), Annika Sakkarias, Ott Kiivikas, Liis Kullerkann.