The Sound of Forests: Estonian Olympic Committee and Baltika presented Tokyo 2020 collection

The collection dedicated to Tokyo Olympic Games is now available in Monton e-store. As a result of partnership between the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOK) and fashion brand house Baltika, the whole Estonian team will present themselves in the new collection.

„This year’s Monton Olympic Collection, that will be worn by the Estonian Olympic team in Tokyo with pride, is inspired by the forest – a motif that is very close to our heart. Estonia is a forest-rich country – over half of our mainland is covered with forest,” EOK President Urmas Sõõrumaa praises.

„Japan and Estonia both share a long history of being highly spiritual nature worshippers. With this collection we would like to give a little supportive push to our best athletes and express our pride,” Designer Triin Kaiv is commenting this year’s collection.

A photo of a bog by Estonian Nature Photographer Sven Začek is depicted on the garments. The image is combined stylishly with Estonian national colours. The collection suits perfectly in the Olympic village and also, in warm summer days.

The line-up consists of blue shorts, both for men and women, as image of a bog makes T-shirts, jersey and the dress really unique pieces.