The Week of Sport broke records in Estonia


The Week of Sport broke records in Estonia – 1,150 events were organized across Estonia over eight days and 210,000 participations were registered. In its eighth year, the Week of Sport took place in 42 European countries and Estonia stood out among the others as the country organizing the most events per capita.

"To sum up, we can say that the eighth Be Active Week was very successful. In terms of the number of events, we are in the front row compared to other European Union members, and sports enthusiasts definitely found a suitable activity during this week. Our goal is to shape perceptions and attitudes to make moving and sports an integral part of people's daily lives, and I hope that we also gave a positive impulse to those compatriots who are not yet regularly engaged in exercise," said Lusmägi.

According to Artjom Savitski, the ambassador of the Week of Sport, he enjoyed taking part in the event this year. He was especially excited by the opening event, the charity relay race. "I am very happy that I was able to encourage and inspire the young people of Rakvere to move more. The opening event was powerful, I met so many bright-eyed people. I believe that we already fulfilled the mission of the Week of Sport by rallying young people to move more, both for their own health and for the health of the people who cannot move independently," said Savitski.

Estonia had overall 5 ambassadors – singer Artjom Savitski, Minister of Culture Piret Hartman, former Olympian Saskia Alusalu, stylist and presenter Ženja Fokin, and actress and singer Kristel Aaslaid; cartoon character Vanamees encouraged people to move during the Week of Sport.

A total of 758 organizations participated in the Week of Sport, but the biggest contribution to spreading the message in Estonia was made by general education schools and kindergartens. The most popular sports event during the week was the charity relay run held as the opening event, where 12,200 schoolchildren participated in 28 cities across Estonia.